Assorted Links

There is a theory which says you should never have a page on your web site that contains nothing but links to other web sites. This may even be true, but some rules are best honoured in the breech:

First, and foremost, I would encourage everyone to visit the website of Mills Archive Trust where they have a selection of photographs taken at Whitemill prior to the restoration. From the home page, follow the link to "The Archive & Library", then the link to "Mills Archive Catalogue". You will be asked to register, but this is harmless. As an official archive, they have to be very careful about copyright and such like in regard to the material they hold and registration shows your acceptance of their rules. Once you reach the catalogue itself, you'll need to search on "White Mill" (note the space) rather than Whitemill.

Mills Archive Trust

For further information on mills in Wessex.
The Wessex Mills Group

There are a great many Web Sites devoted to, or featuring, other mills. Comprehensive lists can be found at:
Industrial Archaeology Recordings

Mills Section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Welsh Mills Society / Cymdeithas Melinau Cymru

Windmill World
British Watermills:
British Windmills: http://

For something with a slightly more international flavour, try:
TIMS (The International Molinological Society)

Molinos de Viento en La Biblioteca del Tío Kinke (A Windmill Image Library)

SPOOM (The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills) USA